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Support For Your Spiritual Path
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Dried Juniper Leaves
Granny Magick Margaret Jamison

Dried Juniper Leaves

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Dried juniper leaves 1 ounce package. 
Juniper has strong cleansing properties in magic. Traditionally, it was used in burial rites, in protective rituals, and to eliminate evil spirits.

Juniper needles cleanse the energy in the home. To do this, the house is fumigated with smoke from burning juniper needles. 

Smoke cleansing with juniper needles is carried out around the entire perimeter of the house from the front door clockwise, paying particular attention to the corners and dark corners.

Juniper is widely used to remove negative energies 

To do this, the object is dipped in an infusion of juniper needles and left in transparent glass on the windowsill overnight so that moonlight falls on the glass.

To protect the house from people with impure thoughts and from evil spirits, juniper twigs are hung on the front door. 

An infusion of juniper is used to cleanse objects that may have negative energy attached to them. 

For example, if you inherited a piece of jewelry from a person who does not really love you, it can be cleansed with juniper water. 

Juniper not only banishes bad energies, but also to attracts good luck and protects against diseases. 

In order to protect yourself from accidents on the road, hang a small bunch of seven juniper twigs tied with a red thread with seven knots near the driver’s seat on the windshield (center mirror).

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