Support For Your Spiritual Path
Support For Your Spiritual Path
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Tarot Card Reading Celtic Cross 11 cards 45 minutes One Question
Tarot Card Reading Celtic Cross 11 cards 45 minutes One Question
Granny Magick Margaret Jamison

Tarot Card Reading Celtic Cross 11 cards 45 minutes One Question

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Reading includes basic advice on dealing with the energy detailed in the reading. Be sure to read the full description. Completed readings are non- refundable.


Appointments are arranged via messages in advance after purchasing your reading. I will contact you by text or email, depending on the information you provided when checking out. Local querents may arrange an in person reading or use online and telephone options. With long distance querents I work via messenger, phone, or Video call. I send photos of their spread and individual cards just prior to our appointment. For distance readings I work from a recent photo of the querent, inviting in their guides and ancestors. I request that distant querents provide their recent photo and question the evening before the reading. 11 card Celtic Cross reading, one question for $77 45 minutes.

Considering a Tarot Card Reading?

Tarot readings are snapshots of influences, energies, situations, & emotions at a specific moment in time. These are not set in stone because the synergy among the cards, free will of everything involved, myself the reader, and you the client, among many other influences can shift the outcome.

  1. Tarot card readings most accurately focus on the present. Now is the time a  client can make changes that will have an impact on his future. You not taking action or changing your course of action will change the precicted outcome of a reading.
  2. While you may ask one question, the cards may offer you an answer to a different one. I invite the client’s Spirit Guides and ancestors to guide me in choosing and interpreting the cards. Sometimes they will have their own agenda of what they think you need to know.
  3. Because of all these considerations, I don’t tell fortunes or assure future outcomes.
  4. There are roughly three main types of reading styles: predictive, psychological, and spiritual. Predictive readings look into the future. They focus on the yet-unknown facts of the situation and its potential outcomes. A counseling style is used to gain insight, understanding, and advice. These consultations fine tune the why of the asked-about situation and recommend ways to approach or respond to it. Spiritual development sessions facilitate personal and spiritual growth. Rather than looking at a specific situation, they explore you and your patterns and cycles. These sessions place a given situation into a big picture context so you can rise above the situation.
  5. Sometimes, more time is needed before the seeker feels resonance with the information acquired from the reading. You might find yourself looking back and realizing that there's a reason why nothing made sense in the initial readina.

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