Support For Your Spiritual Path
Support For Your Spiritual Path
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Pendulum Green Fuschite
Pendulum Green Fuschite
Granny Magick Margaret Jamison

Pendulum Green Fuschite

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Fuschite is a green crystal that is said to have many metaphysical properties, including:

  • Spiritual balance: Fuchsite is said to encourage creativity and help keep creative juices flowing.
  • Focus: Fuchsite is believed to deepen focus.
  • Good fortune: Fuchsite is believed to attract good luck and bring positivity to your life, house, office, or business.
  • Manifestation: Fuchsite is said to amplify your intentions and manifestations.
  • Mental clarity: Fuchsite is believed to protect against psychic attacks. 

Fuchsite is also known as the wish stone, and is said to work as a good luck charm that keeps the hope in your heart burning long and bright. Fuchsite crystal healing properties are said to help to give you the strength and inspiration needed to follow your wildest dreams

It brings peace, focus, good fortune, and several physical and emotional benefits. Fuchsite also has powerful energies that protect users from psychic attacks.

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