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Support For Your Spiritual Path
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Moss Agate Polished Stones 1 ounce
Moss Agate Polished Stones 1 ounce
Granny Magick Margaret Jamison

Moss Agate Polished Stones 1 ounce

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Moss Agate Stone size: 0.6--2 inches, each moss agate is a real natural stone, so its size or color will vary slightly. 
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1. Growth and Nurturing: Moss Agate is connected with the energy of growth & nurturing. It enhances fertility, both in terms of physical fertility & the growth of ideas, projects, or opportunities. It promotes abundance & the manifestation of new beginnings.

2. Connection with Nature: Moss Agate is closely linked to the natural world & can help strengthen your connection with nature & the Earth. It can be used to attune yourself to the cycles of nature & the energy of plants, animals, & the environment. This stone can assist in nature-based magick & rituals.

3. Healing & Balance: Moss Agate is known for its healing properties, promoting physical, emotional, & spiritual balance. It can help in grounding & stabilizing energy, supporting overall well-being. This stone is often used in crystal healing to address imbalances & promote vitality.

4. Emotional Healing & Stability: Moss Agate is beneficial for emotional healing & stability. It can assist in releasing emotional blockages, soothing emotional trauma, & promoting inner peace. This stone can be used to bring calmness & serenity to the mind & heart.

5. Manifestation & Growth: Moss Agate enhances manifestation abilities &  supports the growth of desires & intentions. It can amplify your intentions & help you align with the energy needed to manifest your goals & dreams.

6. Protection & Grounding: Moss Agate is a stone of protection & grounding. It can shield you from negative energies & environmental pollutants, while also providing a strong foundation for your spiritual practice.

When working with Moss Agate in magick, you can carry it as a talisman, wear it as jewelry, or incorporate it into rituals & spells. You may also choose to meditate with Moss Agate to connect with its energy & harness its correspondences. Remember to cleanse & charge your Moss Agate regularly to maintain its energetic properties.


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