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Support For Your Spiritual Path
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Hyssop Herb
Granny Magick Margaret Jamison

Hyssop Herb

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Hyssop 1 ounce

Hyssop is commonly used for protection in various magickal practices. Here are a few ways you can incorporate hyssop for protection:


1. Protection Bath: Brew a strong infusion of hyssop leaves and strain the liquid. Add this hyssop-infused water to your bathwater and soak in it while visualizing a shield of protective energy surrounding you. This bath will cleanse and protect your energy field.

2. Protective Floor Wash: Prepare a floor wash by infusing hyssop leaves in water and adding a few drops of protective essential oils like frankincense or rosemary. Cleanse your home by mopping the floors with this protective wash, focusing on visualizing any negative energy being banished and replaced with a shield of protection.

3. Protective Amulet: Create a protective amulet by placing dried hyssop leaves or a hyssop essential oil-soaked cotton ball inside a small cloth pouch. Carry or wear this amulet to ward off negative energy and provide a sense of personal protection.

4. Protective Smudging: Burn dried hyssop leaves as a protective smudge. Move the smoke around yourself or your home, focusing on banishing negative energies and creating a protective barrier.

5. Protective Charm: Create a protective charm by tying a bundle of dried hyssop leaves together with a piece of string or ribbon. Hang this charm near doorways or windows to ward off negative influences and protect your home.

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