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Support For Your Spiritual Path
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Blue Kyanite 1 ounce
Blue Kyanite 1 ounce
Blue Kyanite 1 ounce
Blue Kyanite 1 ounce
Granny Magick Margaret Jamison

Blue Kyanite 1 ounce

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Blue Kyanite photos show approximate 1 ounce portions. 

Kyanite: Energetic Correspondences

  1. Communication: Blue Kyanite enhances communication & self-expression. It facilitates clear communication, both verbal & non-verbal. It assists in expressing thoughts, ideas, & emotions with clarity, bridging gaps in communication & promotes understanding.
  2. Psychic Abilities & Intuition: Blue Kyanite is associated with psychic abilities, intuition, se insight. It enhances psychic awareness, intuition, & spiritual perception. It aids in accessing higher realms of consciousness, receiving guidance, & developing psychic abilities.
  3. Meditation & Spiritual Alignment: Blue Kyanite is used in meditation practices to promote deep allist in tearing tigning the energy centers of the body, allowing for a deeper connection to one's higher self & spiritual realms. It facilitates a sense of calmness, balance, & inner peace during meditation.
  4. Healing & Chakra Balancing: Blue Kyanite heals & balances the energy centers or chakras of the body. It removes blockages & promotes the free flow of energy throughout the body.
  5. Protection & Aura Cleansing: Blue Kyanite has protective properties. It is used for aura cleansing & protection against negative energies. It creates a protective shield around the aura, helping to repel & transmute negative energies & psychic attacks.

Kyanite Magick

  • Communication: To enhance communication & self-expression, hold a piece of blue Kyanite while engaging in important conversations or public speaking. Place it on your throat chakra during meditation or wear it as jewelry to promote clear & effective communication.
  • Psychic Abilities & Intuition: For enhancing psychic abilities & intuition, meditate with blue Kyanite placed on your third eye chakra. Visualize the energy of the stone activating your intuitive senses & opening your psychic channels. Keep a piece of blue Kyanite under your pillow to enhance dream recall & intuitive insights.

• Meditation or actre & align with your spiritual self, hold a blue Kyanite crystal in your hand or place it on your forehead during meditation. Focus on its calming energy & allow it to guide you into a state of deep relaxation & spiritual connection.

  • Healing & Chakra Balancing: To balance & heal your chakras, create a crystal grid using blue Kyanite & other stones associated with each chakra. Place a blue Kyanite crystal on your throat chakra & visualize its energy clearing any blockages & promoting balance in that area. Wear a blue Kyanite pendant or carry a tumbled stone with you to support ongoing chakra healing.
  • Protection & Aura Cleansing: To protect your aura & cleanse negative energies, create a protective grid around your space using blue Kyanite & other protective stones. Place blue Kyanite points facing outward in the corners of your room or on your windowsills. Visualize the stones forming a shield of light, repelling negative energies & keeping your space energetically clean.

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